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The Intelligent Thermal Package

With an impressive list of construction innovations, Sanibel is creating a new standard for four season living. To prove the worthiness of Sanibel's intelligent design, we partnered with a world leader in heating and cooling technology - Dometic Corporation - and subjected a Sanibel to rigid testing in their famous extreme temperature test chamber.


Thermal Package Features
· Tested at Sub Zero Temperatures
· 40,000 BTU Furnace
· Heated, Enclosed Water Lines
· Enclosed Underbelly
· Heated Holding Tanks
· 12 Volt Holding Tank Heat Pads
· Radiant Shield Technology Wrapped Holding Tanks (R-38)
· Double Layer of Fiberglass Insulation In Roof (R-14)
· Radiant Shield Technology In Roof (R-38)
· 3" Hi-Density EPS Foam in Main Floor (R-14)
· Radiant Shield Technology Under Main Floor (R-38)
· Double Layer of Fiberglass Insulation in End Walls (R-14)
· Radiant Shield Technology In End Walls (R-38)
· Insulated Slide Room Floors (R-38)
· Insulated Bath and Bed Deck Floors (R-38)
· Digital Thermostat
· Heated Pass Thru Storage
· Heated Universal Docking Center
· Dual Attic Vents

  ** R-Values calculated at 80 degrees ambient temperature.

Dometic Corporation Sub Zero Test Results

During the test the following temperatures were recorded in the Sanibel with the test chamber lowered to an incredible -13° (F):

Living Room Sofa...... 70°
Kitchen....................... 72°
Bathroom................... 72°

Bedroom......................... 73°
Pass Thru....................... 68°
Holding Tank (Black).... 91°

Of course, these recorded temperatures are only part of the story. With Sanibel's Intelligent Thermal Package, all the holding tanks and dump valves remained completely operational and the enclosed and heated galley water lines remained completely functional. Not everyone needs this kind of protection, but when four season comfort becomes important, make an intelligent choice - ask for a Sanibel!

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